Janice Giannini

With a deep mastering at the intersection of technology and business strategy, consultant, board adviser and former C-suite executive, Janice Giannini has been harnessing the true power of IT for more than 30 years.

The development of Ms. Giannini's "wise eyes" around technology intelligence is rooted in extensive experience that includes creating a strategic plan for the office CIO, a holistic risk-and-reward framework for turnaround business strategy, a technology strategy for investment allocation and briefing a technology committee. Her career with NYSE listed companies includes General Electric, Lockheed Martin and Arbitron.

Advancing from individual contributor to senior leader of a 3B, 10- year defense mapping program with General Electric, Ms. Giannini's award statement reflects her character:

"For many years of outstanding, loyal and respected service to the Mark 90 program, from many friends and admirers."

Hallmarks of Ms. Giannini's career are sophisticated insights based in the rare ability of pattern recognition - connecting the dots of strategic growth and IT. In an era of volatility, uncertainty and ambiguity, being able to translate between "techese" and the business has yielded a number of recruitments for high-level positions, one of which was a key role to help a reverse-spin to establish a separate entity on the NYSE that resulted in a 200 percent increased stock price within the first three years.

At the podium and in the board room, Ms. Giannini weighs in on the unique challenges and opportunities of today's digital business environment. As a trusted consultant and guest lecturer, she provides key insights around emerging issues and navigating new realities in how to integrate IT into the company strategy.

Ms. Giannini holds a number of leadership positions on nonprofit boards, including Ben Franklin Partners of Southeastern PA, and is a member of the National Association of Corporate Directors. She received her bachelor and master of science degrees in Applied Mathematics from Drexel University and a Certificate in cyber-Security Policy and Law.

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