What They Say About Us

Since 1985, Paradigm Associates has served hundreds of clients of all types and sizes. Our clients consistently tell us that our services and processes have led to improved results that have exceeded their expectations.

We've worked with organizations in over 70 different industries, from small Mom-and-Pop shops to the U. S. Army and everything in between. They've encompassed companies in a broad range of sectors, from manufacturing, to professional services, advertising, and construction, as well as educational institutions, theater companies, government groups and hospitals. They've included long-established as well as newly-formed companies, local, national and multi-national.

Quoted from our Clients

"Doug, it was nice meeting you at the Strategic Planning Session for the Somerset Community Action Program (SCAP). As I stated when I was there, I have sat through many of these sessions during my long career in the marketing and financial services field, and this was by far one of the best. You and Neil did a great job getting the participants to open up and be candid about 'opportunities'." Heather Philp, SCAP Board of Trustees member, ComForcare Home Care President

"I really enjoyed working with Eileen while pursuing new employment. After a thorough and insightful evaluation, she put me on the right path. She helped me find my focus and develop an effective resume. She was able to give me tools to organize and complete my tasks effectively. Eileen is professional and a joy to work with." Jerry Newell

"Eileen, I wanted to let you know, that yesterday was the first time I actually felt like a manager. I did a little brainstorming, and came up with a suitable solution to my dilemma. Dealt with the 'grievances', and now all is well, Wahoo!! Thanks for everything; I can feel it all starting to sink in :)" Fletcher Johnson, Tidewater Trader

"I spoke with Bill Granda of Paradigm Associates this morning and asked him to participate in our Conference 2010 as a presenter. He has agreed to do so and I think this will be a good addition to our management track. I also recommend him for the work that he did with RTSNV facilitating our Strategic Planning process. He is an accomplished facilitator and an extraordinary mediator among some very strong personalities in our planning group! They all feel that the exercise and ultimate product are exactly what we needed as a mature NPO." Cynthia Baca, Rebuilding Together

"Churchill & Harriman is privileged to help many of the world's most respected corporations and institutions mitigate risk. We chose Doug Brown and Paradigm Associates to help us better ensure that we continuously serve our customers on a strategic basis versus a tactical basis. By any measure, Doug's validated contribution to the success of our business has been remarkable. I am pleased to endorse Doug to anyone who is committed to the betterment of themselves, their employer, and by extension, their customers." Ken Peterson, Churchill & Harriman

"Since I started working with Doug Brown, I realized that it is possible for me, a seasoned veteran, to retool my thought process. An 'old dog' is learning new tricks." Howard Cohen, Kelco Group, LLC

"The value of working with Paradigm Associates is that they don't pretend to have all the answers but instead ask good questions. We came to fully recognize that our success has been, and will continue to be, based on client satisfaction and outstanding customer service. They helped us validate this statement by asking very thought provoking questions on all aspects of our business. This has resulted in our continuous evolution as an organization.

"We were referred to Paradigm by two of our best clients. I strongly encourage you to meet with their team." Damien Quinn, Celtic Construction

"We thought that we could do this ourselves. We couldn't."

"I couldn't be more pleased with the way the process worked. You were able to tailor your materials to fit smoothly with where we were in our strategic planning process. Your involvement greatly enhanced our efficiency and contributed to a better thought out plan than we would have otherwise obtained."

"The Goals Development Plan has been instrumental in my receiving several commendations from my employer, and has allowed me to operate much more efficiently within my job structure."

"My learning experience in your course gave me tremendous insight into methods of people management that foster an atmosphere for all my trainees to succeed, acheive and to continually learn."

"I truly enjoyed getting to know you and appreciate the tremendous wisdom that you were able to impart in the short time you here with us. The feedback has been both positive and substantial-you did have an impact...helping us identify innovative ways to continually improve our performance."

"We thought we had a good October period last year, but this year our October sales were up by 66%. That represents almost $100,000 in new business. When you said you could help us increase our sales, I would have been delighted by 10%, but 66%! It is beyond our wildest hopes."

Testimonial Letters


Wilbert Funeral Services

Martell's Tiki Bar

State of Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles

Dental Village

M. Sean Duffy, Esq.

Bonsall Chiropractic and Sports Center

Monarch Electric Company

G.J. Chemical Company, Inc.