Manufacturers: Paradigm Associates Speaks Your Language

Paradigm's knowledge of manufacturing is both broad and deep. Paradigm's associates have worked with large, high-volume, commercial manufacturers (including Procter & Gamble, Lockheed Martin, and GE), mid-sized manufacturers, and small manufacturing shops on a huge variety of issues.

Paradigm supports and strengthens manufacturers of all sizes by showing them how innovative thinking, strategic planning, process improvement, and employee/management development can positively affect their bottom line. Through dozens of engagements, Paradigm's associates have helped manufacturers save millions by improving quality, increasing throughput, and reducing costs.

Companies we've worked with:

  • Allied Signal Inc.
  • Aris Renewable Energy, LLC
  • Aris Wind
  • Art Mold & Polishing Co Inc
  • Asbury-MS Locksmithing
  • Brooks Industries Inc
  • CADsigns
  • Case New Holland
  • Creatacor Exhibits and Displays
  • Eagle Engraving and Mold Co
  • Flexible Components
  • Flexline/US Brass and Copper Corp
  • Gibson Associates
  • Givaudan Corp
  • GJ Chemical Co Inc (letter)
  • Glacier Mountain Spring Water Co.
  • Imperial Weld Ring Corp.
  • Jezek Tool & Machine Co
  • Kerr Plastics - Packaging Products Division
  • Kraft (Nabisco Division)
  • Linden Mold & Tool Corp
  • Miner Enterprises- Rail Products Division
  • New Jersey Tool & Die Co
  • Novartis
  • NWL Transformers Inc
  • Paradigm Packaging
  • Patwin Plastics
  • Powerbrace Corporation
  • PSE& G
  • PTC Transformers
  • RMS Electronics Inc
  • S&L Plastics
  • Union County seating
  • Unitech
  • U.S. Brass
  • Vogel's Custom Boots
  • Woodbine Industries