For Sales Professionals

We appreciate that nothing happens until a sale is made.

Whether your current role and responsibility is an Executive VP managing the sales and marketing functions, a Managing Partner who is concerned about the state of business development in the firm, Sales Manager who is responsible for the care and feeding of the sales staff, or an individual salesperson who is looking to improve individual performance, we have written this section with you in mind

Whenever we work with people who are responsible for your sales and business development results, we keep in mind that while certain fundamentals are common to all who are attempting to influence others' buying behavior, there can be significant differences between how products vs services, and high-end vs low-end offerings are typically purchased, or expected to be purchased, in the marketplace today.

In addition to utilizing proven approaches and learning materials, our clients tell us that we provide a significantly different prospective to you that comes from our experience of selling into over 70 different industries.

These services are available to be delivered both in group workshops and on a 1:1 basis (coaching). To explore further, click on Business Development & Sales Training. If you prefer or have additional questions, please contact us at or call 908.276.4547.