G.J. Chemical Company, Inc. Testimonial

Dear Doug,

The classes and classwork are over but the impact and results go on. This statement is terse but true.

When I recommended Paradigm Associates to sales train, and consult with my sales force, the original intent was to reinforce the sales techniques that had already been taught. To my pleasant surprise the classes not only supported the sales technique in use but exposed the underlying attitudes necessary for success on the job and at home.

The fear of salespeople going through a sales call as if they were robots following a script of "salestalk" has been completely eliminated by the class materials presenting a rationale and attitude for each step needed to accomplish a sale.

For me personally I learned how to empathize or listen empathically, a skill which is talked about frequently but never learned or practiced.

The heavy impact for everyone in the class was learning how to set goals and the importance of setting goals -in order to achieve success. This1exercise was a real eye-opener and extremely useful; for personal goal setting as well as business goals

The more tangible benefits of this training process are still evolving. During the eight weeks of classes, the sales for the trainees were up approximately 10%, and this, during an economic downturn in the economy. One salesperson almost doubled his sales during the classes, another tripled his sales activity, his sales and profits are up 35% and still increasing.

I highly recommend Paradigm Associates CS to any business that wants to have a professionally trained, success oriented sales team representing them in the marketplace.

T.G.Fenstermaker Jr.
Vice President-Sales