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As a national organizational consultancy serving the business community internationally, Paradigm Associates addresses the challenges faced by middle-market and large companies looking to refine, develop, and align strategy, structure, people, and processes.

Our Latest Thinking

Understanding Customer Experience: Lessons from a French Anecdote

By viewing your customer journey through the lens of understanding and expectation alignment, you can create a more cohesive and satisfying experience for your clients.

Understanding Current and Future Customer Experience Expectations

To accomplish a seamless customer experience, understanding where your company stands with the needed technology, processes, and mindsets is critical.

Do A.I. Customer Services Apps Provide Better and Quicker Service Than Real People?

Companies are increasingly adopting a hybrid approach to customer service, leveraging the strengths of both AI and human representatives. AI can handle straightforward, repetitive tasks, freeing up human reps to tackle more complex issues that require a personal touch.

What Does Effective Leadership Look Like?

Values, responsibility as a role model, focus, and communication serve as the foundation for effective leadership. A strong, stable foundation will help avoid constant trauma.

Wait! I'm Your Coach, Not Your Therapist

Our assessments often open a client’s eyes to behaviors and characteristics that may not have been recognized by the person. Starting from there, a person can build on their strengths, set new goals, and forge a new path to a fruitful life.

The Double Edged Sword of Personal Assessment Instruments

Personal assessment instruments, from personality quizzes to aptitude tests, promise a glimpse into our traits, potential, and inner workings. However, as with all instruments, they come with benefits and potential pitfalls. This article sheds light on some of the most significant concerns to consider when selecting a tool or instrument.

Unlock Organizational Capacity from the Fog of Uncertainty

Competitive pressures create issues, fears, lingering doubts, missed challenges, and lost opportunities that can concern you and your organization. Now, add supply chain disruption, people challenges, mass resignations, economic uncertainty, fluctuations, etc.

Get Fresh Eyes

If someone new just bought your company, would they leave everything in your company alone? No. They would examine every aspect of the operation for opportunities to improve and derive more significant revenue and profits.

Don't Settle For the Stale and Status Quo

Just because the business environment has been demanding doesn't mean you have to settle for the status quo now. Every inefficiency and creeping cost are profit-eaters your firm will never recoup.

There's a Difference Between Being Unreasonable and Demanding

One can kill you. The other can allow you to outperform your competition.

Choose to Put Problems Behind You

Executives and business leaders across industries actively seek qualified insight to overcome performance gaps. You are not alone.

Working Together

As management and sales consultants, we work side-by-side with your senior executives, key players, and teams on your issues of strategic importance.

Get Real, Get Results

Our straightforward approach develops and aligns strategic thinking and business processes. To stay grounded in reality, we insist everyone brings all their business acumen and common sense to the table. You get a return on your investment while simultaneously developing and engaging people at every level.

Are We For You?

Business leaders and teams who relish intellectual stimulation and don't shy away from 'tough questions' will benefit most. Organizational thought leaders who question assumptions and proactively embrace change appreciate our thought-provoking approach.

Tap Into Our Expertise

Since 1985, many of the largest organizations in the world have already chosen Paradigm Associates LLC's organizational consulting expertise and experience.

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