Facilitator Certification Services

Paradigm Associates offers three training and certification programs:

  • Train-the-Trainer Coaching
  • Facilitator Training
  • Certification

Train-the-Trainer Coaching

To further maximize the potential within an organization, Paradigm Associates offers customized Train the Trainer coaching for any of our development processes.
This coaching is conducted in 16 hours of sessions that are designed specifically to meet the needs of the client. The sessions can be facilitated on or off site, mornings or evenings.

The deliverables always include a customized facilitation manual that includes text, overheads, activities, master copies of handouts, pre- and post-training tests and even evaluation masters for assessing the facilitator's performance.

Facilitator Training and Certification

Paradigm Associates has a well-developed facilitation philosophy, based on extensive facilitation experience and observations, which has proved a sound underpinning for our effective training and certification programs.

Based on that foundation, we offer one-day and two-day Facilitator Training and Certification processes. These sessions are custom designed to meet the needs of the client and can be facilitated on or off site.

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