Employee Engagement

Engaging Employees - The Ultimate Win2

Both current and emerging leaders need to have a deep awareness and understanding of maximizing employee engagement. Engagement becomes paramount to achieving and maintaining positive contributions that yield outstanding results.

We help organizations move beyond the basics of conducting employee opinion and job satisfaction surveys to fully engage the head, heart, and hands of all. We help identify engagement levels using tried and true processes and development resources. It creates a fully engaged workplace that moves together for improved results.

Compelling Background Information

Reinforced by recent findings, many businesses significantly operate below capacity due to employee disengagement in the workplace.Employee engagement levels are known to be impacted by 12 discrete needs in the workplace.

These desired states of mind are universal in people, exist regardless of whether someone is working on-site or remotely, and are independent of an employee's age. Many of these situations have been discussed and measured for years.

There is tremendous upside for the organizations that master these areas of employee concern. When looking at Gallup's research over time, teams in the top quartile of engagement tend to show 81% less absenteeism, 64% fewer accidents (and in hospitals, 58% fewer patient safety incidents), 41% fewer quality defects, 18% higher sales productivity, and 23% greater profitability. The findings, when viewed together, create an overwhelmingly compelling argument.

Paradigm Associates' Approach for Engaging The Workplace

Our engagement model provides you with a developmental framework using our copyrighted Tools of Engagement approach. We can provide you with a thorough analysis of the current level of engagement and an understanding of what typically engages and disengages employees throughout your organization or, if you prefer, by functional areas. Our tailored processes drive both positive individual behavioral changes and the changes needed within your workplace. Experience the linkage between engaged employees and improved organizational performance.

Our Process for Engaging Employees

We select and blend the following elements to help you identify, measure, and close the performance gap between where you are and where you want to be as an organization.


During the analysis phase, interviews with senior management and a random cross-functional selection of employees determine perceptions surrounding:

  • Current level of employee engagement
  • Current strategic direction, i.e., the status of the corporate strategic plan and the business plans within the company
  • Levels of essential employee engagement leadership skills and knowledge
  • The key issues that are being dealt with by management
  • Current health of the organization

Discovering the Heart of Each Employee

Additionally, our Workplace Engagement Survey, D.I.AL.O.G.- Diagnostic Indicating Alignment of Organizational Goals instrument, or three distinct Individual Assessments (Attribute Index, DISC Index, & Values Index), are available to validate the workplace environment and operating style within the company. One (or more) of our surveys/instruments are selected and tailored, if appropriate, to be consistent with the organization's level of implementation. If you are thinking about employee engagement, have begun employee engagement efforts, or currently have an engagement culture in place, we can help you strengthen your organization's performance.

Tapping the Collective Wisdom

Integrating Existing Business Goals and Objectives

Senior executives and managers will receive an overview of the concepts, language, and recommended workplace engagement practices from various employee engagement experts and practitioners. From that overview, all will understand how your organizational engagement level matches up with peer performers. Management then chooses those principles that apply to their organization. This action becomes the foundation for an engagement culture. You begin to articulate and practice engagement principles consistent with your vision, values, mission, and to ensure an engagement culture that aligns the organization.

Senior management makes a "go/no go" decision whether to move forward with the rest of the organization to attain these objectives (if not already determined).

We conduct small focus groups that share awareness and understanding and gain additional input. At a company roll-out meeting, management presents the vision of employee engagement and shares leading practices and value of employee engagement.

This meeting establishes realistic expectations surrounding employee engagement. It serves as a foundation for employees to see new responsibilities and take on ownership. The ultimate goal is a workplace where employees know more, do more, and willingly contribute to company growth.

Creating Sustainability

Tapping into the Hands

Senior managers, middle managers (department heads), and supervisors (team leaders) receive leadership development to assist them in making the managerial transitions necessary to assure a return on investment. Participants determine the actions needed to build an engaged workforce and drive employee engagement into the culture over the long haul. They examine and improve upon their ability to attract and sustain talent and achieve higher performance through positive behavior changes.

Reaping the Rewards of an Engaged Workplace

All employees involved in the engagement development process must understand that improvements in quantifiable results are not only anticipated but expected.

Tools of Engagement is a holistic approach using the basics of team building along with the engagement foundation. Every step and action connects the practice of engagement. Tools pave the way for an engaged culture leading to high performance. These results should be visible within the forms of:

  • Improved revenues
  • Reduced costs
  • Improved morale and pride even when facing economic downturns
  • Improved teamwork through retaining high performers and leveraging drivers that can motivate desired performance
  • Reduced inter-departmental barriers and indicators of disengagement
  • Increased concern for customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Increased share of market
  • Improved understanding of how the organization operates and ties in the individual to overall organizational success

Since all of these benefits are important, an engaged workplace can become the driver that motivates all employees, creates successful work experiences, and focuses the organization's greatest asset for growth and profitability.

In essence, as a result of this organization-wide process orientation, you identify, measure, and close the performance gap between where you are and where you want to be as an engaged organization.

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