Setting, Achieving & Reviewing Goals

Examining your business plan on a yearly basis will keep you current and competitive in your sphere of business. Every plan needs to be re-examined and updated to reflect recent changes, goals achieved, new goals created, and directions re-evaluated. Incorporate into your plan, what is working for your competitors and delete what isn't working for you. You need to know where you are today and what you want to accomplish in the future. However, just knowing what to accomplish is only the first component of a successful equation. The balance of a successful life is achieved by developing the specific plan and action steps necessary to accomplish that plan.

Our professionals will facilitate you through our Annual Goal Review process. We help identify, define, and prioritize your targets for the next 12 months. You will develop a specific plan of action through questionnaires, assessments and goal planning.This is a natural follow-on to the strategic planning and professional development we do to ensure that "goals set, become goals achieved".

Results and Outcomes of Our Techniques

Setting clear goals for the things you want to accomplish creates a positive balance. Once thought through, there are no roads to "nowhere". Achieving purpose and your passion can be a reality when you:

  • Achieve more personal and professional goals, more often, with less frustration
  • Create a sustainable, goals-focused mindset
  • Understand the importance of specific, result-oriented, clearly-worded goals
  • Understand the critical elements and mechanics of the goal setting process all the way through to the follow-up phase

Organizational Element

  • Definition of Vision and Values
  • Professional and Organizational Assessments
  • Organizational Goal Assessment
  • Planning Out Accomplishments

Personal Element

  • Personal Vision for My Future
  • Establishing and Expanding My Dream Inventory ("Bucket list")
  • Clarifying Personal Core Values & Desired Behaviors
  • Identifying Categories of Goals to Achieve This Year Within:
  • Mental Development
  • Social Development
  • Physical Development
  • Financial/Career Development
  • Family Life Development
  • Ethics & Beliefs Development
  • Determining Personal Goals
  • Planning for Accomplishment

Components Available to Achieve Results

  • Written Materials - to ensure everyone starts with the same level of knowledge.
  • Audio Materials - to help knowledge become internalized through reinforcement and spaced repetition.
  • Action Planning Workbook - to help distill thought processes and challenges.
  • Participant Interaction - to develop a high level of consensus and commitment.
  • Professional Facilitator - to maximize the beneficial outcome.

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