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Raising Productivity While Getting & Staying Organized


There have probably been as many books and articles written about time management as almost any other subject in the personal and professional development field. You probably already know by now that we have been in the personal and professional improvement field since 1985.

We had many requests and suggestions that we address the time management issue. We did so, but in a manner that is consistent with our approach and philosophy. We feel and continue to believe that time management is seldom a time management issue- it is almost always a lack of prioritization and focus issue.

Almost everyone knows that you should prioritize your activities. Almost everyone knows that you should complete your urgent/important/critical (whatever adjective distinguishes that concept as new) tasks each day. Almost everyone knows that planning your day makes more sense than letting others do your planning for you. Everyone knows, but very few do - - -Why? That is what fascinated us. This approach, learning process, and content answer that question.

While a daily planner system is a valuable tool, this development process is not just about how-to-use a daily planner. We focus on internal feelings, desires, attitudes, and habits. We added in the tips and techniques you would normally expect. Participants focus on developing mental confidence, empowering attitudes, and a life planning process that can help them take back control and live their life in a fuller, richer, and more satisfying way.

Typical Time Strategies Development Elements

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Time Management: Why Do We Need It?

Effective time management is crucial. Effective time management provides the focus to get more done in less time.

  • Evaluating Current Behavior and Habits
  • Our Perception of Time
  • Developing Time-Conscious Attitudes

Investing Time Through Purpose, Values, and Vision

You get more out of your time as you learn how to get more out of your life.

  • The Importance of Meaning
  • Developing Purpose
  • Distilling Your Values
  • Creating a Significant Vision for Yourself
  • Investing Time vs. Spending Time

Planning Your Goals and Achieving Successful Outcomes

If success is defined as "the continual achievement of your own predetermined personal goals, stabilized by balance and purified by belief," then goal setting in itself is not enough- it is all about goal achievement.

  • Understand the eight elements of effective goal achievement
  • Understand the four types of goals and their uses
  • Fully understand the eight process components of a well-constructed goal
  • Understand how to plan out your goals in the way your brain functions- you will take action more often

Time Management Fundamentals

Since you can’t get more time, the more time you invest upfront in preventing crises, the less time, energy, and money you will spend reacting to crises.

  • Getting Organized- using the Three Ds
  • Doing the Right Thing Right
  • Determining Your Most Effective Time
  • Planning and Priority Setting
  • Learning to Say No
  • Managing an Ongoing To-Do List
  • Planning for Interruptions & Time Wasters
  • Making the Most of Meetings
  • Managing Your Stress Level

YOUR ACTION PLAN – Your Tools for Personal and Professional Achievement

Personal Goals Program

  • Dream Inventory (Like a "Bucket List")
  • Self-Evaluation Sections to Develop Yourself as a Total Person
  • >Encompasses Mental, Social, Physical, Financial/Career, Family Life, Ethics and Beliefs Development Areas
  • >Each section includes a: Self-Evaluation Questionnaire, listing of Past Achievements/Mental Strengths, narrative to capture Where I Stand Now, place to generate personal Goal Categories and establish Priorities

Goal Planning Sheets with an Example and Instructions

Time Management

  • Time Evaluation Matrix and Analysis
  • Time Management Evaluation Questionnaire
  • Generating Time Management Categories, establishing Priorities and setting Time Use Goals

Goals Accomplished Areas

Clients' Positive Results from the Time Management Process

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"This course helped me to become more focused on my personal and professional goals. It caused me to focus on how I spend my time and how I could improve my outcome"
- Nancy Sweetman, Co-Owner, AES Remedial Contracting

"This program helped me analyze my management skills to see what I'm doing well and to begin to address the areas for improvement."
- Bob Barrieau, President, Barrieau Oil Company

"The value of this time for me was to learn tools on how to better organize and keep track of what needs to, or should get done. Also to have priorities in mind and how to rate those priorities. Finally I learned how to run an effective meeting."
- Tom Carroll, Design Engineer, Ebm-papst Inc.

"The value of this process is realizing I need to take responsibility for managing my time and the necessity of getting organized. I always just blamed it on too much to do."
- Pamela Martinez, Vice President, Human Resources, DATTCO

Components Available to Achieve Results

  • Written Materials - to ensure everyone starts with the same level of knowledge.
  • Audio Materials - to help knowledge become internalized through reinforcement and spaced repetition.
  • Action Planning Workbook - to help distill thought processes and challenges.
  • Participant Interaction - to develop a high level of consensus and commitment.
  • Professional Facilitator - to maximize the beneficial outcome.

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