Our Vision and Values


When leaders from across North America choose to reframe the concepts of what is possible for their organization, they call Paradigm Associates first. When we decide to take on an assignment, we are unsurpassed in getting improved results for clients.


We believe that tremendous gains will be achieved as people tap into their God-given talents.

We recognize that sound judgment and integrity on our part are prerequisites to developing a joint-venture mentality with anyone with whom we choose to build a relationship. Therefore, we will not mislead others through omission or distortion of the truth as we believe it to be. That means we are prepared to refuse to participate in the development of a business relationship if we believe that our commitment to their success is greater than their commitment to their own success, or if we don't think we can achieve their objectives, for that would be inconsistent with a Win-Win relationship.

Our commitment to our Clients

is to meet their expectations, whether providing services, information, or processes that deliver improved business results.

Our commitment to Ourselves

is to maintain an environment of cooperation, coordination, synergy, and development which leads to increasing personal, professional, and financial growth. Our role is to continue to develop ourselves so that we can behave in ways that empower others to more fully develop themselves.

Our commitment to our Suppliers

is to maintain a relationship of mutual respect and profitability through the continuing expansion of capabilities and resources in order to meet the changing needs of the marketplace.

Our commitment to the Communities

in which we operate is to be responsible corporate citizens who contribute our time, financial, or leadership capabilities to organizations in which we have interest

We will always operate so that the world will be a better place because of our contributions to it.

Understanding the Symbolism of Our Logo

The dot above the "i" travels because we help people and their organizations move from where they are to where they are trying to go. It also represents a trajectory of sorts like a rocket going into orbit. It also symbolizes our integrated view of life- the personal and professional life wheels that we usually speak with people about. Like the universal change curve, sometimes things appear to have to go backward before they can go forward.

The swoosh curve changes color (think of a piece of ribbon that is twisted) because we typically turn things over and help people to look at them differently (a.k.a. Paradigm shift) as a result of the questions we ask and the self-examination processes we offer. In addition, we provide people a chance to reinvent their businesses via strategic planning and Total Quality processes.

The font choice represents our philosophy that the best ideas are things that are easily and clearly understood by those who come in contact with us. It is simple to understand by every level of an organization. Finally, the result of our work usually turns things from blue (usually not a happy thought) into "gold" for our clients and their families. If you look carefully you will see that the gold pipeline is ever-growing and represents a limitless possibility for lifetime achievement all around.

We hope you appreciate the symbolism.

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