What They Say About Us

Since 1985, Paradigm Associates has served hundreds of clients of all types and sizes. Our clients consistently tell us that our services and processes have led to improved results that have exceeded their expectations.

We've worked with organizations in over 70 different industries, from small Mom-and-Pop shops to the U.S. Army and everything in between. They've encompassed companies in a broad range of sectors, from manufacturing, to professional services, advertising, and construction, as well as educational institutions, theater companies, government groups and hospitals. They've included long-established as well as newly-formed companies, local, national and multi-national.

"We knew we'd need additional help to make this transition successful. The structured approach to selling and process driven model was exactly what we needed to be successful."

Mark A. Cenicola
President & CEO

"You helped me not just focus on what's really important but also see how some of the ways I was acting were actually obstacles to reaching my goals."

Bill Bonsall, DC
Bonsall Chiropractic

"You asked us the right questions and kept us focused on defining both short and long term goals as well as strategies and plans to achieve them."

Gordon Ledingham
DDS Founder and Majority Owner
Dental Village

"By doing things one step at a time, a seemingly insurmountable obstacle became an attainable dream."

Jim Howell
Chief Training Officer
Florida Highway Patrol

One salesperson almost doubled his sales during the classes, another tripled his sales activity, his sales and profits are up 35% and still increasing.

T.G.Fenstermaker Jr.
Vice President of Sales
GJ Chemical Company, Inc

"...with the tools you taught me I will be able to overcome almost anything"

Edward F. Brannagan
Assistant General Manager
Martell's Tiki Bar

"You were not teaching us how to run our restaurants better...You were teaching us how to run everything better."

John Todd
Executive Chef
Martell's Tiki Bar

"Collectively we all came together and embraced all of the information and have successfully implemented the information in out daily lives."

Ami Drewes
Martell's Tiki Bar
Tiki Manager

"...more than just a management skills class, it was a life skills class."

Sean Swayze
Bar Manager
Martell's Tiki Bar

"My employees are now making their own suggestions. Whether it is a way to save money, make money, or even how to do things more productively."

Donna J. Brooks
Office Manager
Martell's Tiki Bar

"Transform your sales force and yourself - from 'professional visitors' to purposeful, effective professionals performing at the summit of your abilities."

Raymond Johnson
Sales Manager
Monarch Electric Co.

"...helped to bring up our attendance at least 25 - 30% more than expected. He did so much more than asked, including an outstanding PPT that resonated with our executive audience."

Holly Koenig
Executive Director
New York Society of Association Executives (NYSAE)

"His high touch, vast knowledge of planning skills and focus on critical success factors was invaluable. NYSAE now has a new framework for success"

Mike Weamer
Board Chair
New York Society of Association Executives (NYSAE)

"I have more time in the work day, more time in my free time and, most importantly I'm making more money and I'm happier for it!"

Sean M. Duffy, Esq.
White Plains, NY

"Doug has worked hard to understand our organization’s culture in a very short period of time and has helped to tease out our challenges and opportunities."

Carmine Marchionda
The Arc Rockland

"Doug created an environment of trust and encouraged open, candid dialogue. This helped us address areas in which we need improvement."

Deborah Carr, MBA, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
Chief Human Resources Officer
The Arc Rockland

"As a result of his training on sales, I was not only able to conceptualize the sales process, but to implement it effectively."

Steven J. Rubinsky, Ph.D., C.R.C.
Executive Vice President
The Arc Rockland

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