Developing Customer Loyalty

Beyond Customer Service

Among the lessons that the 2020 pandemic taught us is that a mastery of customer service and responsiveness can mean the difference between success and failure. Raising customer service to an art form, learning to treat service like it is as important as your most valuable offering, and vigorously marketing service capability to customers is a necessary element of successful top and bottom-line growth.

You may refer to them as customers, clients, patients, or members. The question becomes not whether to continuously improve your service standards, but how to do it.

Development Tailored to Your Circumstances

Customer loyalty goes beyond customer service training. We employ the desired attitudes, soft skills, goal achievement techniques, and stress reduction insights your organization wants and needs. When development occurs, shared information and knowledge becomes internalized. Our tailored process acts to multiply your efforts. More consistent use of positive, results-oriented skills leading to increased customer loyalty becomes highly profitable.

Whether we are working with a limited number of participants at a single-site organization or executing large projects in multiple locations, our seasoned team will ensure a successful development process. We work with you to decide the frequency and duration of your implementation sessions.

Typical Customer Loyalty Development Elements

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Beyond Customer Service - Creating Customer Loyalty

Before your desired culture and strategy can support developing and retaining loyal customers, everyone at every level must focus on what they need to do to create them.

  • What Does Customer Service Really Mean?
  • Why Customer Loyalty? Isn’t Customer Satisfaction Good Enough?
  • Customer Loyalty: A Strategic Advantage
  • What Does A Customer Really Want?
  • The Competitive Advantages of Customer Loyalty

Creating and Measuring Customer Loyalty

Understanding customer loyalty is crucial. However, understanding how to establish and measure loyalty is critical for sustaining organizational success.

  • Creating an Emotional Tie Through Points of Connection
  • Understanding Yourself and Others
  • Measuring Customer Loyalty

Goal Accomplishment for Success

An indispensable component of organizational behavior is ensuring goals are not just set but achieved. Every person needs to become a master goal achiever and not just a master goal setter.

  • Understanding the various types of goals, their best applications, and their elements can lead to more results more often
  • Internalizing the critical components and criteria of the goals achievement process
  • Learning when to properly apply the four different types of goals personally and professionally
  • Working through our copyrighted goal planning process, your action plans, and necessary action steps

Always Creating a Powerful Connection

There are five interrelated areas that people use to evaluate their experience and service levels with your organization.

  • Connecting Starts With You
  • Handling Customer Complaints
  • Your Customers are Your Business

YOUR ACTION PLAN – Your Tools for Personal and Professional Achievement

Personal Goals Program

  • Dream Inventory (Like a "Bucket List")
  • Self-Evaluation Sections to Develop Yourself as a Total Person
  • >Encompasses Mental, Social, Physical, Financial/Career, Family Life, Ethics and Beliefs Development Areas
  • >Each section includes a: Self-Evaluation Questionnaire, listing of Past Achievements/Mental Strengths, narrative to capture Where I Stand Now, place to generate personal Goal Categories and establish Priorities

Goal Planning Sheets with an Example and Instructions

Goals Summary & Goals Accomplished Areas

Components Available to Achieve Results

  • Written Materials - to ensure everyone starts with the same level of knowledge.
  • Audio Materials - to help knowledge become internalized through reinforcement and spaced repetition.
  • Action Planning Workbook - to help distill thought processes and challenges.
  • Participant Interaction - to develop a high level of consensus and commitment.
  • Professional Facilitator - to maximize the beneficial outcome.

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