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Paradigm is Deeply Invested in Financial Services

Paradigm's associates have worked extensively with people in financial services firms, from commercial banks, community banks, mortgage companies, and credit unions to stock brokers, fee-for-service independent financial planners, and financial advisors. We even had the American Stock Exchange as a client.

We've conducted numerous employee and executive development programs with peers in your field. We're proud of our track record of helping financial executives, senior lenders, and branch banking personnel become more successful in their roles. Whether you are a bank executive who is expected to manage differently or a mortgage originator or financial advisor who responsible for developing additional business, we understand that adopting the necessary attitudes, skills, and knowledge is critical.

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AGR Financial LLC

Acorn Financial

Alexander Hamilton Savings & Loan

American Stock Exchange

Bank of America (Formerly Fleet Bank; Formerly National Westminster Bancorporation)

Boyle Harrocks

CPI Capital

City & Suburban Federal Savings

Colonial Bank NA, Nevada Region

Colonial Savings & Loan

Family Wealth Planning (Division of Summit Financial Resources)

Leaders Financial

Madison Park Group

New Millennium Bank

Sharp Advisory Services

Spencer Savings Bank

Statewide Savings & Loan

Sullivan Financial

Wells Fargo

Strategic Opportunities and Assessment Review (SOAR)

A Process You Can Offer Your Clients and Prospects

Do you have clients and prospects that are not really sure what they want from the next 5-10 years beyond the thought of "playing more golf in someplace warm"?

We both know from experience that notion will start to get old for most people within 60 days. So, then what will they want to do?

The lack of clarity on your client's part makes the job of matching your various approaches and financial strategies to their desires and goals nearly impossible, doesn't it?

We offer a process facilitated by trained professionals that can help people determine and sort out what they want in both the long and short term. The process has been used in both pre- and post-retirement situations (with both individuals and couples) and can involve both personal and professional areas of life as appropriate.

Options Available

Some advisors want to work shoulder-to-shoulder with us as we work through a process with their clients. Others choose to stay at an arm's length distance so they don't get dragged into the minutia of the process while the client is figuring it all out. The choice is yours to make on every client.

How else can it been used to your benefit?

  • as a Thank You gift for those high end clients who continue to contribute to your personal revenue stream each year
  • as a way to differentiate yourself from other advisors and competition by offering another level of personalized service
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Every successful individual or organization has a plan. You need to know where you are today and what you want to accomplish in the future. However, just knowing what to accomplish is only the first component of a successful equation. The balance of a successful life is achieved by developing the specific plan and action steps necessary to accomplish that plan.

Our professionals will facilitate you through the SOAR process to help identify and prioritize your defined measurements for success and help you develop a specific plan of action through questionnaires, assessments and goal planning.

Results and Outcomes of Our Techniques

Setting clear goals for the things you want to accomplish creates a positive balance. Once thought through, there are no roads to "nowhere". Achieving purpose and your passion can be a reality when you:

  • Achieve more personal and professional goals, more often, with less frustration
  • Create a sustainable, goals-focused mindset
  • Understand the importance of specific, result-oriented, clearly-worded goals
  • Understand the critical elements and mechanics of the goal setting process all the way through to the follow-up phase

Organizational Element:

  • Definition of Vision and Values
  • Professional and Organizational Assessments
  • Organizational Goal Assessment
  • Planning Out Accomplishments

Personal Element:

  • Dream Inventory
  • Personal Self-Assessments
  • Personal Goals Clarification & Definition
  • Planning Out Accomplishments

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Discover for yourself how powerful "Breakthrough Thinking for Your Real World" can be.

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