Increasing Donor Loyalty for Nonprofits

Paradigm Associates provides leaders with processes and materials for use as "food for thought". We help surface issues of concern and stimulate focused discussions while people are considering a wide range of factors in constructing their plans and building their organizations.

Effective Organizational Planning for Donor Loyalty:

  • Begins at the top of an organization.
  • Involves as many of the organization's leadership and management team as possible.
  • Provides for donor input throughout the planning process.
  • Is linked to larger organizational visions and goals.
  • Reflects realistic assessments of organizational needs, capabilities, and priorities.
  • Is rapid, focused, and leads to action and change.
  • Commits the organization to specific accomplishments in specific time frames.
  • Takes an operational focus on specific actions to be taken in a short time period.
  • Documents agreements to pursue common objectives that require collaboration and cooperation across different areas of responsibility.
  • Captures how the organization will measure its progress.
  • Is part of an on-going process of continuous evaluation and assessment.

Once the key issues surrounding donor loyalty are clearly understood within the context of overall goals, your team can address the extent to which local needs and resources may impact your choices of how to proceed.

Experience shows that trying to do too much and failing is less effective than trying to do a few things, succeeding, and then building on that success - over, and over, and over again.

"Organizations that plan for the future have a chance to succeed in changing times while organizations that do not plan for the future may have no future at all. In the case of volunteer and donor-intensive organizations, the ability to combine focused and effective planning with consistent execution and follow-through is often the difference between a long and successful life and a short and unhappy existence."
- Doug Brown, Chairman, Paradigm Associates LLC

The Donor Loyalty Booklet

Download our Donor Loyalty Booklet which contains the following chapters:

  • Today's Challenge
  • Your Doner
  • A New Model
  • Understanding Donor Needs
  • Points of Connection
  • Creating Loyalty
  • Taking Action
  • About Paradigm Associates

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