Webinars & Presentations

We have appeared on TV, and radio in addition to our in-person appearances. We can address both local and international audiences and cover a wide variety of topics and needs.

Below you will see examples of topics we have delivered. Each bulleted item is a stand-alone topic or talk that can be tailored to suit your group's needs.

Thinking Strategically

  • Succession Planning For HR Professionals
  • Getting Your Business on the RIGHT Growth Path
  • A Practical Guide to Strategic Planning and Effectively Managing Limited Resources
  • How to Create a Successful Enterprise: Strategic Thinking, Business Planning and Business Development/Sales Skills for Potential Entrepreneurs and Enterprising Individuals
  • Strategic Planning : Keys to Developing a Strategy That Has Measurable Results & An Implementation Plan That You Will Really Use
  • Top Five Things You Need to Know to GROW
  • It Starts With You-How to Make What You Want Happen
  • How to Remain Sane in these Times of Insanity
  • Leading, Managing, and Selling in the New Competitive Sales Environment
  • Why You Should Hire a Consultant

Improving Processes

  • Investing Your Time Wisely
  • Communication is a Two Way Street
  • Developing and Sustaining Customer Loyalty
  • Developing And Sustaining Donor Loyalty
  • Selling Your Ideas to Senior Management
  • Successfully Managing Continuous Improvement: How to Get a Standing Ovation from Your Customers
  • Process Improvement through Cycle Time Reduction-Be Fast or Be Last

Developing Individuals and Teams

  • Developing and Sustaining Customer Loyalty
  • Developing And Sustaining Donor Loyalty
  • How Come No One Ever Washes A Rental Car?
  • Working With Closely Held (Family) Business
  • There's A Fine Line Between A Rut & A Groove
  • Leadership: The Ability To Get Results
  • Goal Achieving Techniques You Can Use Instantly
  • Prescription For A Healthier Practice
  • Understanding The Formula for Success
  • Developing Peak Performance Teams that Deliver Results Consistently
  • Leading, Managing, and Selling in the New Competitive Sales Environment
  • Leading Yourself and Others
  • Taking Your Agency to the Next Level
  • Dynamics of Leadership Today
  • Preparing Yourself To Achieve and Sustain Excellence
  • Success is for Everyone- Breaking Through Your Worst Fears.
  • Managing Your Self, Time and Workspace

Improving Sales Performance

  • Winning At Sales
  • Successful Trade Show Selling: Results Guaranteed
  • Sales Tips and Techniques To Get The Year Off Right
  • Selling Like Your Life Depends On It
  • Advanced Selling Concepts for Seasoned Professionals
  • Continuously Developing A Professionally Managed Firm With An Entrepreneurial Spirit
  • How To be an Electro-Magnet
  • Doubling Your Business Doesn't Always Have to be Hard
  • Networking-Your Business Depends On It
  • Increasing Sales by Setting Your Goals
  • Understanding Nurture Marketing
  • Getting the Most from Trade Show Selling
  • Are YOU Getting Enough?
  • 5 Tips for Networking & Speaking

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