Whether you are on the Agency side or the Carrier side, Paradigm Associates can positively add value to your business.

There is a reason that PIA State Presidents and Directors, Big I State Directors, & Insurance Publication Editors have chosen us to work with their organizations.

NJ PIA Presidents & Directors whose firms are also clients:

  • Paul Monacelli, ADP/Statewide Insurance Agency
  • Donna Cunningham, ADP/Statewide Insurance Agency
  • Stephen Reichman, ADP/Statewide Insurance Agency
  • Lou Beckerman,
    Beckerman & Company
  • Keith Mitchell,
    S.E. Mitchell & Son Inc.
  • Bill Vowteras,
    Fraser Brothers Group LLC
  • Stephen Tague,
    van der Heuvel & Fountain

Insurance Professionals

Can Paradigm's Processes Help People Who Sell Insurance?

In a Word: Yes.

We've worked with every segment of the insurance industry, from insurance companies to wholesalers to individual agency owners and their producers, to help them focus and improve their results. Client projects have involved improvements to strategic planning, management development, revenue generation and account rounding, customer retention, and responsiveness.

Our uniquely tailored process has helped owners, office managers, producers, and CSRs better apply what they already know while discovering what they need to do to achieve higher performance levels. The results of Paradigm Associates' thought leadership has been published year in and year out in PIA magazines across the country.

  • Acorn Financial
  • ADP Statewide Insurance Agencies, Inc.
  • Beckerman & Co
  • Boyle Harrocks
  • C&H Agency
  • Comprehensive Insurance Programs, Inc.
  • E.A. Boniakowski Agency, Inc.
  • Executive Security Programs
  • Forman & Associates
  • Fraser Brothers Group LLC
  • Guardian Life Insurance Co
  • Kelco Group, LLC
  • Nationwide Insurance - Boudreau Agency
  • Nationwide Insurance - Whitten Agency
  • New Jersey Skylands Insurance Co
  • NIA Group, The
  • One Beacon Insurance Co
  • Premier Insurance Company of MA. (A Division of The Travelers)
  • Professional Insurance Agents Magazine
  • Proformance Insurance Co
  • Samuel E Mitchell & Son, Inc
  • Sharp Advisory Services
  • Trident Insurance Agency
  • True & Associates
  • van der Heuvel & Fountain