Are you a Complexifier?

December 30, 2020
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Doug Brown

It may be a funny word when we first hear it. But when we let the impact sink in, it may be one of the most costly words on the planet.

The true cost may be well more than the extra time that a project takes to reach completion.

How many extra meetings were needed to finish the unnecessary inquiry? How many extra studies were ordered but were unnecessary? How many layers of bureaucracy were added with nothing to show for them? How many extra consultants have been engaged to chase potential fixes down rabbit trails? How many attorneys had to be hired to wind up or unwind the collateral damage? How many family dinners and weekends were laid to waste as staff had to go through this paper-chase and hit irrationally imposed deadlines?

Note, I am certainly not advocating that fast, sloppy, and dangerous be the preferred management philosophy.

Because “less is more” has been a mantra in the process improvement world for a long time, I am advocating for always asking yourself and team these questions: is this the simplest way that we can solve this problem, reach a sound decision, or resolve the issue?

Go forth and simplify. Then enjoy your extra time.

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