Empowerment: Why?

July 10, 2014
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Janice Giannini

Empowerment is utilizing the knowledge and capabilities of ALL employees to solve the problems, control processes, and continuously improve an organization. Effective empowerment occurs when knowledge, skills, operating information, decisions, rewards and controls usually reserved for management are appropriately shared with people at all levels of anorganization.

A primary reason for empowering a company's workforce is to support continuous improvement programs within organizations committed to achieving and sustaining outstanding quality and performance.

Managers focused on achieving ongoing customer satisfaction and loyalty, recognize that employees who are expected and supported to bring their "HEADS and HEARTS" to work every day ensure that: 

1.    The organization is maximizing the utilization of a highly skilled and an experienced workforce in order to meet and exceed customer needs and requirements.

2.    Work can be designed to provide meaningful and productive employment for each individual.

3.    The organizational climate and culture is proactive and responsive to opportunities and geared for successful continuous improvement.

4.    The organization is able to support people being in control of what they are responsible for rather than having to "control" people.

5.    The organization increases its capacity to resolve problems, provide reliable quality products and services, satisfy customers and achieve ongoing success.

6.    The quality of work life is enhanced.

7.    All good ideas can be used.

8.    Individual commitment and teamwork are enhanced.

9.    Responsibility and accountability are enhanced.

10.  Win-Win opportunities for all managers, employees and customers are increased.

Organizations that succeed in empowering and therefore strengthening their organizations understand and support the notion that "Their people really are their most important resource!"

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