Captain Wing-It

November 15, 2023
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By Bill Napolitano, Proactive Leadership Group

Good morning, ladies, and gentlemen. From the flight deck, this is Captain Wing-It. Welcome aboard Fly High Airlines flight number 135, heading for sunny Bermuda...or are we flight number 351 en route to the Bahamas? You know, we’ve been very busy around here the last few days and haven’t had a chance to file the flight plan just yet. Oh well, I’m sure we can figure it out!


We’ll be pushing back from the gate in just a few minutes...I hope. The ground crew seems puzzled about something. You know, you just can’t get reliable help these days! Anyway, please put your tray tables and seatbacks in their upright and locked position. Fasten your seatbelts tightly around your lap. Rumor has it that we’re in for a bumpy ride.


We will eventually be departing from one of the available runways and flying in that direction for a while. It’s unclear at this time which runway we’ll be using and in which direction we’ll be flying.


Once we reach our cruising altitude, which will be pretty high, I’ll advise you of our final destination. At any rate, I’ve been told by one of our junior flight attendants that we will eventually be flying over the Atlantic.


So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight...and again, thank you for flying Fly High Airlines...your sometimes on-time, on-course, on-purpose airline.

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