Wrinkles Are Good, Right?

June 2, 2021
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Bill Kille

When I say wrinkles, I mean the literary version of the word, i.e., a clever or novel idea or device. Over the years, there have been a few wrinkles that gave me pause and have stuck with me.

One wrinkle that has guided my sales efforts was one I learned early on from my manager, who said to me, "You're not getting enough no's." A distinct furrow appeared on my brow. He elaborated and shared that he had attended a training seminar by H. Ross Perot, who shared a secret to his sales success. Perot said, "I define the word no as a long-term indication of interest."

Often no only means not now or not yet. By leveraging the no's, following up, and staying in touch, closing ratios improve. This insight may not be apparent to most salespeople.

Last week, while listening to a video featuring Dewitt Jones titled Change Your Lens, Change Your Life, another exciting wrinkle made me take note. DeWitt was recounting his first meeting with his boss and new employer at National Geographic. During this meeting, the boss told an anxious DeWitt, "DeWitt, relax. You don't have to prove yourself here. All I want you to do every day, on every assignment, is to go out and improve yourself." A simple but powerful wrinkle.

My first encounter with DeWitt Jones was many years ago. In one of my favorite videos, Celebrate What's Right with the World, he shared, "Don't strive to become the best in the world....strive to become the best for the world!

These are a few of the "wrinkles" that have guided me personally and professionally. Perhaps they will have the same profound impact on you.

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