The Most Significant Broken Process of Your Life

December 20, 2023
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Janice Giannini

Is Effective Communications!  It is a profound weakness across the board, wreaking havoc across all aspects of life.

A recent Quote from Axios Short Brevity illustrates this.

“It has never been harder to get people focused on what matters most, and the work from anywhere reality has turned communications into a profound and critical weakness for every company, every leader, every rising star, and every restless worker,” Stewart Butterfield, CEO ofSlack, told us that, in a hypothetical 10,000-employee company that spends $1Billion on payroll, 50 to 60% of the average person’s time is spent on communications in some way. in some way.  (Italic is mine - JG.)

Why does it matter?

·  Money wasted due to ineffective communications? Billions.

·  Profit left on the table in your business? Billions.

·  There is always time to do it over, but never time to do it right. Why?

·  Since 1990 US marriage rate is tanking  (50% decline).

·  US divorce rate is painfully high (20%).

·  US loneliness epidemic is skyrocketing.

Just imagine the positive outcomes possible with sincere, clear communication.

Recommendations to achieve effective communications:

·  Know your objective first; if it isn’t clear- STOP and get one.

· Define effective communications as the other people get the message you intend to send. It’s about the message, not you.

· Follow/ instill  a process:

        o  State what you need them to hear. Think first, talk second.

         o  Ask what they need to hear.

         o  Say what you mean in simple respectful words.

         o  State actions/ follow-up clearly.

         o  Sum up, repeat what you said, and ask others "Did you get what you needed"?

· Repeat process as needed.


Effective communications will save you time and money across all aspects of your life. It may take longer to prepare communications using few words that are simple and direct. However, the communication with people will net better outcomes. If it goes over 1 page, nobody reads it.  

For follow-up on how to, Axios’ Smart Brevity is a place to start.

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