One Moment in Time is Both an Ending and a Beginning

December 21, 2021
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Janice Giannini

I think of December as a time of reflection and renewal.

It’s a time to Reflect on this past year across its many dimensions. It’s an opportunity to celebrate all the good stuff that happened. And think about ways to make the not-so-good stuff better. And it’s also a moment in time to Renew my sense of direction and purpose in pursuing my significant priorities in life.

When I Reflect on the year, many questions come to mind.

Am I clear about my significant priorities in life: work, relationships, and activities?

Am I able to discern the difference between “what is” and “what I want it to be”?

Am I seeing through the “what is” lens as I evaluate accomplishments and challenges this past year?

Do I fully recognize and am I grateful for the incredible good fortunes and blessings in my life?

Do I understand the state of my professional and personal relationships? Am I focusing on the significant ones that matter?

Renewal causes me to ask:

What skills, abilities, relationships, emotions, and perspectives do I need to bring with me to the New Year? Conversely, what do I need to leave behind?

Which of these am I able to carry forward and leave behind?

Which of these am I struggling to leave behind and carry forward?

What do I need to adjust, accept, or rethink?

I remind myself frequently we make life more challenging than it needs to be. We instinctively know the difference between right and wrong. Mostly, we know when things are going well and when they are not.

I remind myself daily that we can’t do it all. BUT, we can do something. So, putting aside fear, angst, and uncertainty, there is at least one thing you can do next year to make a positive difference.

What will that be for you?

Have a Happy and Safe Holiday Season

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