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November 22, 2020
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Janice Giannini

Recently one of my partners forwarded an article as food for thought. While the article focused on weight control and health, he thought it consistent with our attitude and goals philosophy. As I thought about it, I realized that with a little editing, this applies directly to our approach with clients on improving professional and reputation success; getting more of what they want and less of what they don't want.

The questions below are as published by Personal Best in their new on-line magazine Personal Best 4.U. The comments, thoughts, questions and insights indented apply directly to our approach to improve your professional and reputation success.

Summarized questions and thoughts:

1.      Do you wish your health habits were better?

Would you like to be more professionally andpersonally successful? Have more consistent results at work? Feel more positiveabout your professional outcomes? Feel well-respected by your peers and be topof mind when colleagues want to brainstorm?

2.      You may think that changes to your health andeating habits is hard and takes too much time, but it really doesn't have to be

At Paradigm Associates, we believe thatlong-lasting goal achievement can happen with the right focus, tools and adecision. The decision involves recognizing that what you are doing is notmeeting you desired goals. As a result, you must do something different.

3.      Sure, this goes against mainstream belief.

This may be counter-intuitive. It feels as ifthere are so many factors that influence results. There may be externalinfluences impacting your ability to achieve your goals. Are they really"out of your control"? What is in your influential sphere?

4.      For example, how many people do you know whostruggle with their weight?

How many times have your witnessed colleaguessay they want to accomplish significant results and it just doesn't seem tohappen? So what is really happening here?

5.      What is the biggest part of your life you wantto change?

Do you want to feel more confident that when youset your mind to a business goal you know it can be achieved? Do you want yourcolleagues to feel they can count on you to be a strong team partner/ leader/follower? Do you want more challenging work? Or perhaps we you want to lead agroup or a company in the future?

6.      What specifically is keeping you from makingchange in your health and lifestyle

Do you know? If you took out a piece of blanktheme paper, and wrote down the top 5 reasons that are keeping you from makingchanges to improve your professional success and reputation, what would theybe? I invite you to complete the exercise.

7.      Step #1: Believe that something in your lifemust change

Would you like to improve your professionalresults/ success or do you need to do it? What happens if you don't? Are youable to totally believe and commit to improving your results? Results aredriven by your attitude. If anyone read the Little Engine That Could, when youwere child, this is simply a grown-up example of it.

8.      Step #2: Believe that you must change it.

When you believe that your results must change,then believing that you are the one accountable for changing it is essential.Do you believe you must change it? If not you, then who and why?

9.      Step #3: Believe that you can change it.

There are many distractions and reasons that youwill tell yourself won't allow the necessary change to happen. Do youunderstand why you listen to those reasons? You must believe that with help youcan change.

10.  Why do most people fail to make healthy changestick?

They rely on desire to do better rather thanusing the appropriate tools of the trade. Changing your attitude and habits isa process that when reinforced on a daily basis becomes the new norm. Andchanges the game in a positive way!

11.  People are motivated by two things: 1) to avoidpain and 2) to gain pleasure

How would you describe what motivates you? Iinvite you to complete the exercise- write down the specifics of Wide World ofSports the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat as it applies to yourprofessional results and reputation. A few questions to ponder: what are youafraid will happen if you change? What are you afraid will happen if you don'tchange? How great will it feel when you consistently know you can achieve thegoals you set?

12.  You know that you want to look and feel healthyand in order to do so you need to quit eating comfort food late at night.

Your brain has been conditioned to respond tocircumstances based on many years of repetitious behavior. So how can you lookthrough a different lens and change the nature of the "newrepetitious" behavior that is more beneficial to your desired results?What do you need to understand? What tools do you need?

13.  It's time to retrain your brain to feel goodabout exercise and to feel bad about eating late at night

For over 25 years we have proven working withour clients that with a change in mind set, the right tools and support, thechange you desire is not only possible- it happens every day for many for yourcompetitors. Why not you?

14.  You are capable of making big changes in yourlife and Personal Best is your one-stop health and fitness professionals tomake it happen.

You are capable of making the necessary changesto avoid the agony of defeat and start consistently feeling the thrill ofvictory.

So what do you think of our approach? If you'd like to discuss or share your thoughts, I'd love to speak with you.

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