Don't Confuse Intentions with Goals

January 27, 2021
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People think about intentions when they need to think about goals.

Intention can imply little more than what you have in mind or want to bring about. You can have thoughts and ideas about your challenges. You may or may not ever fully complete them. In many cases, intentions may only be what you are focusing on today.

Conversely, goals are focused on the future and taking the necessary actions to pull their accomplishment forward into today. Well written goals are specific and time-bound. They should trigger changes in your behavior, guide your focus, and make it easier to create sustained momentum. An elegant goal-setting process defines specific, desired outcomes AND provides a step-by-step tactical plan to achieve them.

Goals- both personal and professional - can also ensure a clear vision exists for you and your team. It gives everyone clarity of purpose and direction. Your intentions may help you toward achieving goals, but goals make sure your vision becomes fulfilled.

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