Why is Making Up for the Lost Year Not Just for Skoolkidz? Insight #1: Doug Brown

July 14, 2021
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Doug Brown

When I think back to all the mentoring I received throughout my working life, the number of relaxed, informal, yet informative conversations have been too numerous to count.

Sometimes, as I would pass by someone's office, I would stop in to initiate a chat and request their perspective. Other times, they would bring a circumstance to my attention that maybe I hadn't noticed or hadn't fully grasped. These blind spots or oversights could have produced some negative consequences if not caught and fixed early on.

How many of these micro-learning opportunities, life lessons, or crisis-prevention insights were simply no longer as readily available with so many people working remotely? Think about whom you usually guide or coach at work. Whom will you need to pay more attention to before they can be back up to where they should be given another year on the job under their belts?

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